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Racism claims and 'forced labour camps': The most controversial new Tory...

Racism claims and 'forced labour camps': The most controversial new Tory MPs who won seats in general election
A newly elected MP under investigation over alleged racism and another who said “nuisance tenants” should have to live in forced labour camps are among Conservatives who will take up their places on the Commons benches. Several of the 108 new Tory MPs who will sit in parliament for the first time next week survived campaigns dogged by controversy to emerge victorious in the general election. These are the most contentious candidates elected on Thursday night.
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'An Archive. Proof of Institutional, Systematic Racism. Throughout History, and in Today's Society. In America and Abroad.'
#THEICONIUMFOUNDATION:  To "Teach black men skills that pay bills."  PAID Vocational Training In Minority Neighborhoods. Auto Body, Plumbing, Electrical Training, Welding, Masonry & More!


The media endlessly covered Nick Sandmann because he wore a MAGA hat  They tried to demonize him  But when a 14 y/o Trump supporter is attacked no one could tell you his name  Why?  Because the media has totally ignored it  RT so they have to cover it!


Sit tf down and stop popping yo gums like a ghett.....

Anti-LGBT+ anti-feminist Conservative MP Philip Davies who single-handedly delayed regulations to...

How does a country recover from centuries of slavery and racism? In the US, a growing number of voices are saying the answer is reparations.

Reparations are a restitution for slavery - an apology and repayment to black citizens whose ancestors were forced into the slave trade.

50 Cent Says Oprah Only Goes After Black Men Accused of Misconduct

Black females have been leading the charge against black men for years. They are the white mans best weapon. The most dangerous place for an African American is inside the womb.