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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand BRILLIANTLY explains 'White Privilege' to a whit...

The woman was referencing Youngstown’s long history of suffering from deindustrialization: On September 19, 1977 — known as “Black Monday” in the town — 5,000 steel workers were laid off. About 50,000 more people working in steel and related industries would lose their jobs over the next five years. The town never fully recovered from the social and economic effects of the mass layoffs, and its people were once again hit with devastating news last year, when General Motors, the main employer, cut thousands of jobs.

Nike stock up since latest Kaepernick controversy

Earlier this week, Kaepernick persuaded Nike to not proceed with a shoe that would have included the Betsy Ross flag, a symbol that is regarded by some as too strong of a link to America’s history of slavery. The naysayers once again predicted a cratering of the company’s stock prices. And, once again, it went up.


White woman has a racist meltdown after hearing someone speak Spanish: ‘I hope Trump deports you!’

‘The Fourth of July Is Yours, Not Mine’

Colin Kaepernick Posts Frederick Douglass Quote: ‘The Fourth of July Is Yours, Not Mine’

Former NFL anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick chose Independence Day to post an out of context quote from famed former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, in which he referred to America as “shocking and bloody.”

"We have racist kids who suck racism from the breasts of their mothers" ...

To the extent that news about land reform in South Africa has reached international audiences at all, it’s been refracted through the lens of a narrative promoted by white conservatives about a supposed “white genocide”—killings of mostly Afrikaner farmers—equating land redistribution with race war. Even though there’s no direct connection between murders of white farmers and land reform, an idea has nonetheless taken hold in the international media of landowners under murderous assault by the black masses, the clearest symbol that in twenty-five years of post-apartheid majority rule whites have become a persecuted minority.

Lil Wayne... "I don't know what racism is"

Vid is from 2016 so you may have seen it but RT for those that haven't!


Your outrage over the Black ‘Little Mermaid’ is because of racism, not tradition

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam: I regret how the scandal over a 1980s racis...

The governor of Virginia told CNBC on Wednesday that he regrets the way his administration handled a scandal over a blackface photograph from the 1980s.

YouTube executive who called police on black man standing outside apartm...

Christopher Cukor released a statement on Medium and said he would never contribute to a “pattern” of white people calling the police on black people.


Mass racial violence in the United States, also called race riots, can include such disparate events as:


The first modern police force—the London Metropolitan Police—was established by Sir Robert Peel in 1829. He developed his ideas about law and order, Alex S. Vitale writes in his book The End of Policing, when he was “managing the British colonial occupation of Ireland and seeking new forms of social control ... in the face of growing insurrections, riots, and political uprisings.” The “Peace Preservation Force” was meant to serve as a less expensive alternative to the British army, which had previously been tasked with quelling Irish resistance. Appointed home secretary in 1822, Vitale writes, Peel would run the London Metropolitan Police along the same lines. Although the group claimed political neutrality, its main functions were “to protect property, quell riots, put down strikes and other industrial actions, and produce a disciplined industrial work force.”

A White Supremacist slit the throat and killed a 17-year-old black kid f...

Teen killed by white man who says rap music made him feel ‘unsafe’
Suspect says he stabbed 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin even though he was no threat to
It’s a story that eerily sounds familiar. One that has you asking yourself how could this possibly

Youtuber known as Tan Torino has no problems with arson attacks on refug...

One of Ireland's far right provocateur's just got milk shaked in Carrick-On-Shannon at the very moment he was saying he had no problems with arson attacks on refugee hostels. He's a Youtuber known as Tan Torino because he joined the British army in the 1990's.