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Blacks can't get over the bloody battles for voting rights. Or take advantage of its potential.

Intimidation and fraud by whites became the norm in stopping voter registration and voter turnout among African Americans. Full Article:

Trump: "The Republican Party Was Black Now Their Coming Back."

No photo-op with black people can erase Trump’s 45-year history of racism: from housing discrimination in the 1970s, to the Central Park 5 in the 1980s, to casino employee discrimination in the 1990s, to birtherism lies against President Obama, to Charlottesville and the NFL.

A female white supremacist went into a Popeyes using the N-word at the e...

A female white supremacist went into a Popeyes using the N-word at the employees.. and she ended up getting a Grand Slam breakfast #Ogun

Nominees Share History of Slavery, Plantations, Segregation Academies in Natchez Senate Race

Sojourner’s Democratic opponent in the Mississippi Senate District 37 race, Will Godfrey, is also white and attended a private school in Adams County, he told the Jackson Free Press on Oct. 22. He graduated from Trinity Episcopal Day School in 2005—19 years after Sojourner—and said there were no Confederate flags at that school. Adams Christian today uses the Rebels as a mascot, while the mascot at Trinity Episcopal Day School, which shut down in 2018, was the Saints. Full Article:

Hyde-Smith Attended an All-White ‘Segregated Academy’ to Avoid Integration

Cindy Hyde-Smith (born May 10, 1959) is an American politician serving as the juniorUnited States Senator from Mississippi, in office since 2018. A member of the Republican Party, she was previously the Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce and a member of the Mississippi State Senate. A group photo in the 1975 edition of The Rebel—the Lawrence County Academy Yearbook—illustrates the point. High-school cheerleaders smile at the camera as they lie on the ground in front of their pom-poms, fists supporting their heads. In the center, the mascot, dressed in what appears to be an outfit designed to mimic that of a Confederate general, offers a salute as she holds up a large Confederate flag. Full Article:

Communities of color have been devastated by environmental racism. Ya ya...

Elizabeth Warren... Generation after generation, communities of color have been devastated by environmental racism. At last night’s #EJPresForum, I spoke about how my environmental justice plan will lift up the Black and Brown families who have been left behind.

Sen. Cory Booker says he is disappointed more 2020 candidates didn't sig...

Cory Booker on environmental justice
Sen. Cory Booker says he is disappointed more 2020 candidates didn't sign up for the Environmental Justice Presidential Forum in South Carolina.
"We have a shameful reality in America," Sen.
says on the state of environmental racism in the U.S. "There's a whole lot of talk on issues like this, not enough action." #ejpresforum

5 Ways Blacks Need To Keep Money In Their Community

1. Invest our money within our community with businesses and organizations that help and not hinder. Through investment, opportunities will be created 2. Ask businesses in our community to hire people from within our community. If a business wants to strive in our community, then they need to look within our community for help 3. Start more businesses 4. Teach our children about the value of a dollar and the importance of giving back 5. Monitor our spending habits. Without properly monitoring our spending, we will always remain consumers and never become manufacturers Full Article:

African Americans under-served by U.S. banks: study: Duh

“There’s no silver bullet,” Wright said in an interview, adding job training and healthcare access are also crucial tools. The gap has expanded over the last two decades, according to federal data. As of 2016, the wealth of the average white family was 10 times higher than the average wealth of a black family. The white household had a net worth of $171,000 while average black and Hispanic households had a median net worth of $17,600 and $20,700 respectively. McKinsey says closing the gap between black and white wealth in the United States could increase GDP by up to 6% by 2028 through increased investments and consumption. “When you bridge that gap, the money is not just going to black pockets, it’s going to everyone’s pockets,” Wright told Reuters. Full Article:

Contract Buying Robbed Black Families In Chicago Of Billions

Contract buying worked like this: A buyer put down a large down payment for a home and made monthly installments at high interest rates. But the buyer never gained ownership until the contract was paid in full and all conditions were met. Meanwhile, the contract seller held the deed and could evict the buyer. Contract buyers also accumulated no equity in their homes. No laws or regulations protected them. Full Article:

As I explain my views on white privilege and the injustice brown people ...

As I explain my views on white privilege and the injustice brown people face in this nation for an assignment. I am face with hate and physical threat. IN MY CLASS ROOM. #tvhsneedschange RACISM IS ALIVE. WAKE UP.

High school football coach resigns after celebration with racial slurs p...

A high school football coach in North Carolina has lost his job and says that "15 seconds of fame in the wrong way [has] ruined the last 12 years of [his] career" after he was caught on video proclaiming "white power" and using the n-word at a bar celebrating a victory over a rival team.

White & Latina Girls forced to take off KKK Halloween Costumes by Angry ...

Halloween is such and fun time of costume parties, candy and figuring out how to dress up as your favorite celebs in new and funny ways. But every year it’s become more and more clear that we can’t have anything nice. No matter what anyone says we continue to see Black face, Native American headdresses, and “Mexican” costumes.  But what really blows our minds is that in this political climate, with all the racism Latinx experience, there are still those of us willing to join in on the bigotry. On Halloween night in downtown Los Angeles, two Latinas were caught wearing full-on KKK uniforms. YES, you read that correctly.

Anonymous Facebook memo alleges racism, discrimination has gotten worse at Silicon Valley company

SAN FRANCISCO — An anonymous memo alleging Facebook still has a black people problem is circulating inside the company one year after a former employee complained of racism and discrimination there. Full Article:

"Colored People" Had to Leave Town by Sundown.

Sundown towns, also known as sunset towns or gray towns, were all-white municipalities or neighborhoods in the United States that practiced a form of segregation by enforcing restrictions excluding non-whites via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation, and violence. The term came from signs posted that "colored people" had to leave town by sundown. The practice was not restricted to the southern states, as "(a)t least until the early 1960s...northern states could be nearly as inhospitable to black travelers as states like Alabama or Georgia." Discriminatory policies and actions distinguished sundown towns from towns that have no black residents for demographic reasons. Towns have been confirmed as sundown towns using newspaper articles, county histories, and Works Progress Administration files, corroborated by tax or U.S. Census records showing an absence of black people or sharp drop in the black population between two censuses. Full Story: ht…

The Colfax Massacre:

One of the worst incidents of racial violence after the Civil War set the stage for segregation The Reconstruction period that followed America's Civil War was one of the worst, most violent eras in American history. During that time, thousands of African-Americans were killed by domestic terrorists like the Ku Klux Klan who tried to reinforce antebellum policies of white supremacy. For many historians, one of the worst examples of this violence occurred 143 years ago today: the Colfax Massacre of 1873. Full Article:

Jim Crow of the North - Full-Length Documentary

Roots of racial disparities are seen through a new lens in this film that explores the origins of housing segregation in the Minneapolis area. But the story also illustrates how African-American families and leaders resisted this insidious practice, and how Black people built community — within and despite — the red lines that these restrictive covenants created.






Whenever I've asked a black female this question they usually get angry and standoffish. Their most usual responses are, "I protects are hair." Or "Why do you care? Its nunnya buizness!" Or "Cause we can do anything we want to do." But I have ran into black females and not so sensitive (and with such an attitude). And gotten some of the same responses as in the article below. Full Article:

Still Separate, Still Unequal: Teaching about School Segregation and Educational Inequality

Racial segregation in public education has been illegal for 65 years in the United States. Yet American public schools remain largely separate and unequal — with profound consequences for students, especially students of color. Full Article:

There is a $23 BILLION funding gap between schools in communities of color & majority white schools.

Public Education Funding Inequity in an Era of Increasing Concentration of Poverty and Re-segregation Briefing Before The United States Commission on Civil Rights Held in Washington, DC  Full Article:

White supremacist materials posted at Ohio State, Ohio Wesleyan campuses

An Anti-Defamation League report released in June said white supremacist propaganda on college campuses increased 7% during the 2018-2019 school year, the third straight year it had risen.  Full Article:


On this inaugural National American History and Founders Month, I encourage all citizens to reflect upon the defining tenets that have always united us as Americans, while also taking time to honor those who have contributed to the great story of our country.  As Americans, may we forever strive to preserve their legacy for generations to come. Full Article:

10 Most Racist European Soccer Countries:

#8. Olympique Lyonnais. (French football club based in Lyon). On 18 April 2007, Lyon player Milan Baroš was accused of racially abusing Rennes' Stéphane Mbia by implying that Mbia smelt. On 4 May 2007, Baroš was found guilty of the gesture, but found not guilty of racism, and was banned for three league matches.
#9. Croatian First Football League. Henri Belle moved to Croatia at the beginning of 2011, signing with Istra 1961. He drew attention to himself both by good games and through receiving racist taunts from some supporters. In April 2018 Dinamo Zagreb were punished for the racist actions of their fans. 
#10 Serbian SuperLiga. Serbia's soccer team punished by UEFA after fans' racist behavior. Serbia's national soccer team has been ordered to play its next home game behind closed doors after UEFA decided to punish the "racist behavior" of its supporters. European football's governing body had been investigating what happened in Belgrade's Stadion Rajk…

Colin Kaepernick spends his 32nd birthday helping homeless in Oakland

OAKLAND (KRON) – Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was back in the Bay Area to celebrate his 32nd birthday in Oakland by giving back to the community.
Kaepernick hired a food truck to help feed people in need and distributed backpacks and other supplies to the local homeless.
Most of Kaepernick’s charity work is done through his foundation Know Your Rights Camp.
He has not played for the NFL since the 2016 season, after kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racism.
He has become a social activist ever since. @kaepernick7

Protesters rallied around Adrian Napier, the 19-year-old man who was arr...

The NYPD says they were responding to a gun alert, but protesters say this is another act of racism and violence by the police. #whytheracecardisplayed

Q&A “Our mum, Tanya Day, died in custody

“Our mum, Tanya Day, died in custody because Victoria Police targeted her for being drunk in public.” Where does the responsibility for institutional racism lie?

6 years later NOTHING has changed but we don’t give up! Let’s keep fight...

6 years later NOTHING has changed but we don’t give up! Let’s keep fighting ALL TOGETHER against racism!
Racism in association football is the abuse of players, officials, and fans because of their skin color, nationality, or ethnicity. Some may also be targeted because of their association with an opposing team. However, there have been instances of individuals being targeted by their own fans.
Racism in association football has been most studied in the European Union and Russia, although racist incidents have been reported abroad. In response to racist incidents at association football matches, in May 2013, FIFA, the international governing body of association football, announced new measures to deal with racism in the sport.

Black customers asked to move because white customer ‘doesn’t want black...

A group of children and adults celebrating a birthday at a Naperville restaurant last weekend were asked to move to different tables because of the color of their skin, two men who were part of the group said.



(VIDEO) Mario Balotelli walks off pitch after being racially abused by Verona fans

Racism in Italy is reaching alarming levels. A yr ago, far-right candidate Luca Traini gunned down 6 black migrants, after which graffiti praising him proliferated everywhere. There is something rotten in the state of Italy, when terrorists are celebrated & athletes are attacked.  Full Article and Vid:

Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party

WASHINGTON — A Halloween party on Oct. 25 at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building featured candy, paper airplanes and — concerning for some attendees — a station where children were encouraged to help “Build the Wall” with their own personalized bricks.

Full Article & Vid:

The League of the South

The League of the South is a white nationalist, Neo-Confederate, white supremacist organization, headquartered in Killen, Alabama, which states that its ultimate goal is "a free and independent Southern republic". The group defines the Southern United States as the states that made up the former Confederacy.  Full Article: racism, racists, white nationalist, white supremacist

(VIDEO) White Supremacists Caught at Emmett Till Memorial Making Propaganda Film

"We are here at the Emmett Till monument that represents the Civil Rights movement for blacks. What we want to know is, where are all of the white—,” a man says while two women film. The video cuts off before he can finish his sentence. VIDEO LINK:

White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till's memorial today with a Mississippi Flag

White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till's memorial today with a Mississippi Flag & a League of the South flag to film a racist propaganda video. The Emmett Till Interpretive Center's security cams at the now-bulletproof monument caught them. Shortly after, members of the white supremacist org disperse & scurry to their cars after apparently setting off a security alarm at the newly-replaced Emmett Till memorial, now bulletproof, after being shot up repeatedly. #WHYTHERACECARDISPLAYED#EMMITTTILL

White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till's mem...

White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till's memorial today with a Mississippi Flag & a League of the South flag to film a racist propaganda video. The Emmett Till Interpretive Center's security cams at the now-bulletproof monument caught them.