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Germany shooting: Gunman kills nine in suspected racist attack


Shakthi Vadakkepat
Historian Onyeka Nubia explores why some people are racist, and how racism can be eradicated from society


The Affordable Care Act’s favorability hit a record high in a new poll released Friday, highlighting the shifting political tones around the law.
A Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that 55 percent of the public views the health law favorably, the highest level since KFF began polling the question about 10 years ago. Just 37 percent said they view it unfavorably.

Supreme Court allows rule to take effect that could reshape legal immigration


@bllaklabel Our young black Tik Tok creators gathered in LA 🖤 #MakeBlackHistory#TikTok
@daniiieeeee Ok tik Tok 🙌
@empresstaj Doesn’t make up for them blocking black ppl from going viral on their app but this is cute I guess

#WoahVicky gets called out on live for appropriating black culture ��

@theshaderoomteens #WoahVicky gets called out on live for appropriating black culture 👀
@champagnenaeb @gigijadee exactly @genuinehippie I think it’s CRAZY how you would defend some rando who won’t remember you tomorrow over your own sister 🙄 Son this world is CRAZY

Don't pit slavery descendants against black immigrants. Racism doesn't know the difference.


hollywoodmelanin #Repost For 4 years, Rev. Solomon Sir Jones, an amateur filmmaker, collected footage of thriving black communities in Oklahoma #blackhistorymonth#hollywoodmelanin (🎥: @nowthisnews)
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blackseasoningsalt_ And soma y’all nigg@s still wanna live around and make families with none black people. I don’t understand y’all 🤷🏿‍♂️
baronandrewilliams “BLACK WALL-STREET.”


An Archive. Proof of Institutional, Systematic Racism. Throughout History, and in Today's Society. In America and Abroad.'


This former New Orleans mayor traveled to 13 states in the South to better understand racial injustice and white privilege — after speaking to hundreds of people, he launched an initiative to confront America's 'original sin' (In partnership with the @emersoncollective)

Eastern Carver County School district calls blackface Tik Tok video racist


Several TikTok users have taken to Twitter to complain about ‘racist’ videos about the coronavirus outbreak.
One user tweeted: “Why is everyone on tiktok racist now? Every time there is a single Asian person in a tiktok the whole comment section is about coronavirus?"
Another added: “Coronavirus isn’t an excuse to be racist towards Asians!!! I AM SO SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE CREATE MEMES AND VIDEOS ABOUT THIS ON IG & TIKTOK.”

Steyer cites 'racist' Bloomberg tactics in Super Tuesday ad

NY Times, Washington Post Hide Racism Of Trump Source They Frequently Quote

German Chancellor Angela Merkel responds to the deadly shooting in Hanau

@BrexitBin Angela Merkel has called the murders today in #Hanau exactly what they were: racist, far-right acts of violence against people who were of a different ethnic Or religious background. Her words are clear, precise and unequivocal. Racism is poison.

German prosecutors say Hanau shooter had a 'deeply racist mentality'


A disturbing video of a homeless man getting punched repeatedly by cops has made its rounds on social media and now people are looking for answers.
According to an arrest report obtained by WDRB, officers were called to the parking garage at the PNC Tower in downtown Louisville, around 9 a.m. Tuesday, after someone reported that a man was harassing people and causing a disturbance. From there, cops say they found a security guard holding 29-year-old Foussene Pemba in a bear hug. Apparently, security employees told cops that they tried to escort Pemba off the property, but he became combative and was not able to remove him. Police tried to put Pemba in handcuffs, but he reportedly put his hands in front of his waist.
They also claim Pemba swung at one of the cops who retaliated with at least a dozen punches to his head. Many people who came across the clip found…


@inthenow Driving While Black is very real for millions in the US. These guys saw the police cruiser and immediately knew they were going to be pulled over. That's not a fear anyone should have toward the people we all pay to keep us safe. .

Exotic dancer addresses public after video of strip pole fall goes viral

Video: Horrific moment a stripper falls from the top of a 20ft pole and lands face-first on stage but keeps on twerking despite broken jaw and teeth

Stripper falls 20 feet off a pole and suffers a broken jaw but continues to dance afterwards. The stripper Genea Sky lost grip of the pole while doping her routine in Dallas, Texas. She suffered stitches, broken jaw...

Share this video: Video: Stripper falls 20 feet off a pole and suffers a broken jaw

Exotic dancer addresses public after video of strip pole fall goes viral On Feb. 10, exotic dancer Genea Sky updated social media on her health and well-being after a video of her falling off a strip pole went viral.


@afropunk There's a Black student led movement to demand Syracuse University take action to address racism on campus. But now, protesting students who are occupying a campus building are being denied food and suspended! Check out #NotAgainSU to follow their fight!

Is your Yelp review racist?

Hate crimes still go unchecked at Syracuse University, students say


Mary Margaret Olohan @MaryMargOlohan
2007: A man posing as a racist donor called Planned Parenthood facilities across the U.S. and asked if he could pay for the abortion of a black baby.
PP employees readily agreed, despite his racism. “Understandable, understandable,” one employee said.

How Housing Redlining Contributed to the Racial Wealth Gap and Segregati...

White Americans still own 7x the wealth of Black Americans. Here’s how housing policies like racial redlining have gotten us here


Bernie Sanders exposes Bloomberg for his racism: As NYC mayor, he was aggressive in pushing Stop and Frisk...if you are Black or Latino, the police had the right to grab you, throw you up against the wall, search you...his policies humiliated hundreds of thousands. #CNNTownhall

First black woman student president at American Univ. awarded $725k in s...

Student Wins $725,000 in Lawsuit Over ‘Troll Storm’ Led by The Daily Stormer
The first African-American female student body president of American #University was targeted by the neo-Nazi website. Taylor Dumpson, a former student at American University, was targeted by the neo-Nazi website because of her #race and gender, a federal judge ruled.Credit...Gabriella Demczuk/The New York Times
By Mariel Padilla
Aug. 10, 2019
The first African-American female student body president of American University won a $725,000 judgment on Friday in a lawsuit against #AndrewAnglin, the publisher of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer who incited a #racist “#trollstorm” targeting her, a judge ruled.
This was the third judgment in the past three months against Mr. Anglin. In a separate case on Thursday, a $14 million judgment was rendered against him. He owes a total of nearly $20 million to three people, but they have yet to see a cent in payments.
On the day that the student, Taylor Dumpson, was …

Oregon man reported workplace racism — so his boss got him arrested

A black Oregon man was awarded an additional $600,000 after his former boss called in a favor from a police chief friend and had him arrested for reporting workplace discrimination.

Michael Fesser brought his concerns in February 2017 about racial harassment by co-workers to Eric Benson, owner of A&B Towing in Southeast Portland, and complained other employees called him racial slurs and asked how he liked a Confederate flag placed on a pickup parked in the company’s lot, reported The Oregonian.


Abraham Lincoln described himself ca. 1838–'39 as "black" and his "complexion" in 1859 as "dark" but whether he meant either in an ancestral sense is unknown. The Charleston Mercury described him as being "of ... the dirtiest complexion".


You saw the viral video. Now, YAF goes to UVA to ask students if white students should be allowed in the Multicultural Student Center.
UVA Students: "Too Many White People"
Following the release of a viral video showing a minority student saying there were "too many white people" in the Multicultural Student Center, YAF went to UVA to ask students their thoughts.

Bloomberg as racist as Trump.

It’s MASK OFF time. You can’t say you oppose Trump on racism while supporting Bloomberg who’s as racist as Trump. It’s not about racism. It’s about plutocracy. #NeverBloomberg h/t
@ericisaac on the awesome vid!

What systemic racism looks like in real time.

@wishbumpycoulda This is what systemic racism looks like in real time.


feminist_atheist_humanist @MikeBloomberg talks about brown and black people as if they are vermin. #NeverBloomberg

No 10 furore is latest chapter in long, dark history of racist science

Black model refuses to wear ‘racist’ monkey ears and lips at fashion show

Centreville recalls the African American past, but it also evokes a future unfolding at the confluence of climate catastrophe, infrastructural deterioration, and widespread indifference to black suffering.


Jennifer LUHG @Scott_MacSauce Arsene Wenger when asked about how to deal racism in football. "Punish them severely and ban them from going to games" He is spot on here.

MLK Expains White Privilege

Qasim Rashid for Congress @QasimRashid
The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr brilliantly explains white privilege. A must listen for all, particularly those who deny its existence. #BlackHistoryMonth

No 10 refuses to comment on PM's views of racial IQ


HORESPLAYING? Cops took into custody a crying 13 yo Black boy for "horseplay" at the Shaw-Howard Metro Station. One boy refused to give his parents contact info and was arrested.
In recent years, thousands of Black boys have been arrested for minor infractions.. absolutely unlawfully.