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STUDY: Police Killings of Unarmed Black People Traumatize Black Communities

WATCH: Doc Explores How Criminal Justice System Fails People With Mental Illnesses

Judge rejects teen's $200m lawsuit against paper after protest race row

A US judge has thrown out a teenager's lawsuit that had accused a newspaper of falsely calling him a racist.

Proposition 21

Evidence suggests kids of color will be especially vulnerable to the sharper teeth in Proposition 21. A new study entitled “Color of Justice,” co-authored by former UCI professor Mike Males, found that black, Latino and Asian teens are much more likely to be tried in adult court and sentenced to prison than are white offenders who commit the same crimes.

"There was no racism until Obama came."

This is Kathy Miller, 45’s campaign manager for Ohio. Utterly reprehensible racism & bigotry. #WhitePeopleAgainstRacism

Systematic institutional racism plays a very deep part in Baltimore

When you talk about a city like Baltimore, systematic institutional racism plays a very deep part in how we got to this point."


Why don’t you focus on the racism you and your bigoted Queens NY neighbors have been perpetuating for 40 years.


BUCK 50 (a slice on your face) I ain't gonna lie. It was my fault. Me and a buddy of mine were out bar hoppin one night. We were both wasted and needed a cigarette to chase the liquor. This is NYC. The place where a pack of squares will cost you 12 bucks. So cats (and most bodegas in the hood) sold loose cigarettes called Lucy's for 50 cents apiece. The same hustle that got Eric Gardner killed over on Staten Island.  I knew a spot where there was usually a couple of guys sellin them a few blocks away from us over on 40th Ave.  When me an my guy reach the spot we see three young guys sittin on crates near a payphone close to the curb.