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While doing research for my site I saw an article online. Titled. ‘Apologize for branding black privilege as license to loot’. The words, ‘Black Privilege’ immediately caught my eye. I had never seen nor heard the term before. So it got me thinking. Is it true?
After reading the article, I was intrigued to discover that the term did not originate in the u.s. But was popularized in South Africa. By a white, controversial, (some say racist) female politician named Helen Zille. In short. She's a Western Cape version of our own U.S. Representative, Steve King. Her quote, was a reply from another politician speaking on white privilege within South Africa. (Via Twitter of course Zille replies). 
“Well you clearly don't understand black privilege. It is being able to loot a country and steal hundreds of billions and get re-elected. If ppl want permanent poverty for the masses they are going about it the right way.” then ended her response with the hashtag #BlackPrivilege
I had written…


Lorenzo said he had climbed out a window because the house’s back door was locked while his friend was showing him around. Holcomb was standing at the fence outside, according to the video.

“I jumped, and he just started firing his gun,” he said, referring to Holcomb.

Lorenzo had been shot twice, once in the leg and once near his hip, he and Smolen said, and he had entry and exit wounds. Smolen is in the process of doing an investigation to determine where the bullets entered and exited.


THE OTHER RACISTS... The first time I was called a nigger, it was by a white female in my home town of kentucky. The last time I was called that was by a gay dude that I was debating online. In between that first and last time a war has been brewing for years. A war between whites and minority groups on who can call me nigger the most. From the first time on. Whites held a definite lead. But over the decades, minority groups have tied it up and as of only recently taken the lead. Growing up around white people in kentucky, I knew that they preferred to say that behind my back. Not wanting to take the risk of being outed as a racist, or assaulted by me. But I've noticed (particularly during my time in new york). That minority groups like gays, Latinos and Asians, have been much less caring about being labeled 'racist', in front of other people. And much less concerned about any consequences that may follow. I've also noticed that their eyes are just as seething with p…


A new piece from The New York Times analyzed statistics on shootings with four or more casualties and found that—contrary to many popular depictions of mass shootings—Black people suffer disproportionately from mass gun violence.
Despite the attention given to mass shootings with predominantly White victims, a new report from The New York Times argues that those shootings disproportionately affect African Americans.

Police officer MURDERS belligerent pregnant woman!!

Police murder an innocent black woman that was pregnant while walking home and they want us to keep being quiet...let go the past...get over racism...WE MUST DO SOMETHING OR CONTINUE BEING MURDERED

Anti-African Rallys in Israel

The year 2018 was one of the most critical for African refugees in Israel. Under threat of imminent deportation, the community and their local supporters took to the streets, pleading for their rights to be recognized.
The mass deportations did not materialize.
First, it became clear that African governments were unwilling to accept refugees who had been forced out of Israel. That prompted Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, to reach a deal with the United Nations aimed at resettling African refugees in the West.
Netanyahu scrapped that deal after being criticized by lawmakers in Israel’s ruling coalition who viewed the arrangement as insufficiently tough on refugees. The lawmakers objected to how the deal was contingent on allowing approximately half of African refugees to remain in Israel for five years.
Despite shelving his most merciless anti-refugee plans, Netanyahu continued attacking Africans living in Israel. He remains among Israel’s top 10 leaders in its war agai…